Tree removal can be a complex and dangerous mission, and mistakes can be expensive.
Stott & Co Tree Experts pride ourselves on high quality workmanship, exceptional knowledge and the skills to complete even the trickiest jobs safely and professionally.
We are tree lovers and want as many trees as possible kept in the right environment, but often there are good reasons why a tree needs to be removed.  These can include:

  • a natural disaster has occurred causing damage
  • the tree has reached its end of life expectancy
  • the tree has suffered terminal decline from pest or disease
  • incorrect planting location for the species of tree
  • the roots are causing problems to hard landscape, services or property
  • the tree has developed a dangerous framework (e.g. lean, split, overweight)
  • the tree has some internal decay
  • you want to develop land or extend your house
  • you want better views or more sunlight
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Nick and Amy from the Stott & Co team will inspect your site and determine the best way to remove the tree based on its location, surroundings, state and size. You can trust us to always work safely and efficiently to remove your tree.

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