Tree removal

All your tree removal needs catered for - contact us today for a no-obligation FREE quote.  We service Auckland-wide.

There are many reasons why a tree needs to be removed.  These can include:

  • a natural disaster has occured causing damage to the tree
  • end of the trees life expectancy
  • it may have suffered terminal decline from pest or disease
  • the roots are causing problems to hard landscape/services or property
  • the tree has developed a dangerous framework (e.g. lean, split, overweight)
  • there could be internal decay
  • you want to develop land or extend your house
  • you want views or more sunlight

That's why you should employ a qualified arborist like Nick Stott who has 22 years experience.

  • an advanced certifcate in Arobriculture
  • tree removal and pruning
This ensures there is no damage done to your property or surrounding trees - even in tight spaces. He works fast, safely and efficiently (supported by his amazing lacky Liam) whether it's removing entire trees, or ugly annoying stumps, we leave nothing behind. After the job has been done, we try to ensure that the property looks better than when we turned up.



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