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According to data company, a glimpse of water from Remuera can slap a further 130 per cent on a house price while at Takapuna, seeing the glittering Waitemata can add 125 per cent to the price. An in-depth analysis of water view effects on house prices by the property research and data company has quantified for the first time precisely how much those precious, much-loved vistas inflate our house prices.

Across the board, water views add a further 48 per cent to Auckland house prices - adding up to a median house price of $1.37 million. That compares to a median of just $928,200 for places without water views.

Especially in the instance of urban trees, correct regular pruning/trimming (in accordance with modern arboricultural standards) can both extend a trees life and make for better living underneath them and reducing the sail (branches and weight) can provide peace of mind and more sun/sightlines.

During a site visit for your no-obligation FREE quote, we can walk you through the process and options relating to correct pruning (whether that be a fruit tree, a speciman tree or a neighbours tree) and what will be involved in the breakdown of costs included on our quote so you can decide on what option to take.

"He that cares for trees loves others besides himself"

Whether it be to ensure that the tree is pruned specifically in accordance with modern arboricultural standards or you're trying to achieve a look, it's always best to trust a qualified and experienced arborist.  In this day and age, insurance and safety is paramount.  Not only are we qualified and fully insured so there's no risk to you, there'll be NO damage so rest assured whether it's for the betterment of your tree, or just to get the job done in an efficient and timely manner, qualified is the only way to go when it comes to trees.

Pruning a tree can:

  • Improve light
  • Open up sightlines - imagine the view you'll have!
  • Increase street appeal
  • Extend the life of the tree

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