All your resource consent and arboricultural assessment needs catered for.

Yes!  We can help with your arboricultural assessment and resource consent application.

A notable/scheduled tree you say? No problem! We can help with those too.

You may be required to obtain resource consent from the Council if you want or need to prune or remove trees.  Most of the time, this is because one of the following applies:

  • You want to remove/prune/work within the drip line of a protected tree
  • You live within a S.E.A (Significant Ecological Area), near a waterway or in a coastal area
  • You have a notable/scheduled tree
  • The tree is Council-owned or on Council land (yes, even the ones planted by you)

We can assist with obtaining resource consent which can be either straightforward or complicated.  Unfortunately, the necessity of a consent will vary depending on your specific site or tree.  We’ll try our best to keep things simple and walk you through the process – no matter how complicated it might seem.

Stott & Co Tree Experts can assist you to get the resource consent you may need, provide you with an arboricultural assessment if required, and we can complete the job for you, too.

If consent or an arboricultural assessment is required, Nick at Stott & Co Tree Experts can make this process much faster and easier for you.
As part of requesting a no-obligation FREE quote from us, you will receive free advice on the specifics of trees that need resource consents to prune or remove, and any paperwork required to apply for consent can be processed and filled out by us for your convenience.

Some resource consent applications may need to include a professional arboricultural assessment. Luckily, Nick is highly skilled in this area too.  After spending 10+ years with Auckland Council as one of their Heritage Arborists, he’s worked on quite a few!

The chances of you getting approval of the resource consent is greatly increased when a report is written by Nick Stott.

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