What is an “arborist” and why would I use a qualified one?

Whether your trees are important to you or you're trying to avoid insurance headaches, a qualified arborist is the ONLY way to go.

A qualified arborist is trained in both theory and practical, using rigging and tree removal processes to avoid damage when removing trees with the right training and experience to ensure your trees are pruned and maintained in accordance with modern arboricultural standards (which is better for your safety AND your wallet).

A qualified arborist will have an understanding of tree health, biology and dynamics which assists you in deciding which branches may or may not pose a threat.
They will understand soil biology (botany) and have knowledge on pest and disease. All of these things combined assist you in making smart decisions relating to your trees.

A qualified arborist will have the professional training and qualifications to care for trees and avoid damage or unsightly results.

To use a cowboy when talking large trees may seem a cheap or viable option.  However, this can have long-term implications.

Hiring a professional and competent company such as Stott & Co Ltd will ensure that your trees are in good hands.  Always talk to a qualified arborist before making decisions regarding your trees.

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